On this site you will find all the possibilities of the free program MegaZine III.


Megazine III is a free to make so called Flip page books with.
An example See the example on the left. (Click the picture to open the demo.)

With this program, from your own written book, you easely can make a book that can be read as a normal book on the internet or on a computer.

Also photobooks belong to the possibilities. And then not just a photobo ok, add text, slidehows, enlarge images, etc. etc.

On this website you find;

  • A Manual & Workshop (NL and UK) to learn to make a book yourself.
  • A LIBRARY where you can read books for FREE.
  • Information about how you can add your own written book to this library.
  • Links to important websites with information about MegaZIne III